Skol Dear creators, Remember the contest run by the popular Brazilian beer brand Skol in which we asked you to create a totally new, fun and original beer packaging? Today we have the results of it! Find the names of the winners below together with the comments from the jury: 1st Prize (3,000€) goes to meli_zurita (Mexico) for Skol Capsule
Very innovative idea. Good understanding of the contest and the brand. Edible packaging is a good idea and it is very trendy as well. Thanks a lot.
I've always been passionate about packaging design and this challenge was a really out-of-the-box opportunity for innovation. I usually work in teams, sometimes with friends around the world, although I also like individual challenges.   2nd Prize (1,500€) goes to LuLopes (Brazil) for SKOL GELINHO
The jury liked your idea and the fact that your concept is something you can enjoy at the beach.
  3rd Pris (1,000€) goes to NelsonCarvalho58 (Brazil) for Lata Skol apresentacao
The jury liked the triangular packaging and how the single cans make a bigger one.
I participated in this contest because I thought a good topic and I'm a consumer of the product. I usually work alone and start creating my media with the layouts on paper, and then go to the computer. I was very happy to learn that I won the prize.   Thank you all for your participation and for your entries! See you in the future contests on eYeka!