blog_banner10 (1) Dear  all, We are happy to announce the winners of  Cîroc Contest today! Incase you forget, the challenge is to create a complete concept of a new Cîroc variant that covers: a new flavor, a new label design, a name, and a short description of the environment in which this product belongs. Cîroc is very happy with the result and here’s what they comment about your creations:
While there were a great many very intriguing concepts, these were chosen by our team in terms of originality, completeness of concept, and overall fit with our brand. Our goal was to find unique ideas that embodied the spirit of the brand together with an unexpected twist, all while delivering against the elegance and sophistication that has become synonymous with Ciroc.
So here are the 3 winners and you can see Cîroc’s comment on each winning entry: 1st Prize (EUR 3,000): presenceinc (Singapore) with CIROC_Variant_entry_REV_100713
This concept was chosen and very well received for its great originality. It fits the brand very well and reflects an unexpected celebratory world of playfulness and sophistication. It embraces all of the needs of the brief, addressing the luxury credentials as well as the vividness we looked for in a concept for our brand.
2nd Prize (EUR 1,500): AnnaNThang (USA) with Ciroc Moon
This concept was a good fit the brand as a limited edition. The consumer is made part of a luxurious sensorial world. It addresed the needs of the brief well by touching upon luxury credentials as well as sophistication of design.
3rd Prize (EUR 1,000): marsoleb and frackdesign (Spain) with Ciroc Saffron
This presentation offered a complete and very intriguing concept. It embodied a balance of elegance and sophistication. It was very original and offered a unique new flavor together with a sophisticated design.
Congratulation to the winners and thank you everyone for taking part in this creative challenge :D