Captain Morgan LE Dear creators, Today we are glad to announce the results of Captain Morgan Limited Edition contest, in which we asked you to design a limited edition pack for his famous rum that will rock the supermarket shelves! This contest was very successful and we received a lot of great creative designs from you! Here are the authors of the three best entries and comments from the client: 1st Prize goes to adalby01 (UK) for Captain Morgan – Animated Lenticular Label / Drinks Mat This entry satisfied the criteria 'stand out on shelf'. We like the irreverent nature of the idea which is in keeping with the spirit of the brand, and its versatility to generate rate of sale.
I chose this contest simply because as I read through the brief I came up with a couple of ideas that I thought would be ideal, commercially viable and fun. When I found out that I won I was at work when the email dropped into my inbox… I did a double take to make sure that I’d read it properly the first time. A broad smile swept across my face and I think I actually did ‘laugh out loud’. I’m thrilled that the idea I put together was chosen as the winning submission. It’s amazing what a confidence boost I got from it… a little rediscovered belief in the abilities I've always had but too rarely get to apply. I truly hope the idea I submitted actually gets produced. I’ll be very proud (even more proud!).
2nd Prize goes to mariopertiz (Spain) for Mariano Pertiñez Soria This entry is relevant to our current campaign as it shows the 'Real Henry Morgan'. The design premiumises the pack and we like the idea of a series which makes the brand collectible.
In this contest in particular, I was struck by the breadth of possibilities offered to give complete freedom when it comes to creating a unique special edition pack , so that attracted me a lot. Actually it was the first contest I present in Eyeka and I could not believe , I thought for a while that was a mistake or something like that . The indescribable feeling , a whole within me, a feeling of happiness impressive.
3rd Prize goes to sangeun_nam (UK) for Get your treasure! This is an original idea for hiding coins within the bottle. It looks premium and will stand out on shelf while generating a wider idea about finding treasure.
I participated in this contest because I was interested in designing something special, and I thought I could make some kind of unusual design for Captain Morgan design competition. How do I create my media: Brain storming - Eat a lot - Google it - Draw down lovely idea - Eat a lot - Design with Mac - Drink a cup of tea - Submit.
Thanks to all the participants for your creativity! We wish you good luck in our future contests!