comfort   Dear creators,

First of all we would like to thank you for your patience till now. Indeed it's been a while since we ended this Comfort contest and I know you were dying to finally get the results of this contest. Now I'm happy to tell you that the suspense is over.

For those who have a memory lapse, here is what we asked you: Tell us an engaging and entertaining story from the clothes’ perspective, illustrating how adding Comfort fabric conditioner to your laundry makes clothes happy, giving them a like new shine and fragrance that no detergent alone could ever give.

Check the global impression from the client:

These ideas were on the brief and the creatives were brought alive in a very interesting way. The engagement part is very important in the category as generally consumers dont pay too much attention to any sort of communication in this category.

  Now discover the name of the happy winners just below with some personal comments from the Jury in Italics:   1st Prize of 5000€ goes to MathewKennedy for Shine
 I appreciated this idea as it is on the brief plus the creative is very engaging and interesting. Outstanding work.
2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to  carlos_takemoto for The Nightmare 
Awesome work in terms of taking us to the world of clothes & how "only detergent" wash can be a nightmare for the clothes and what it can do to Clothes feeling.
3rd Prize of 2,000€ goes to TheAnimationArmy for Comfort SPOT They feel the difference
Great creative work.

Thanks a lot to all of you who participated and share with us your impressive creative work. Stay tuned for our next creative challenges. Cheers!!