"Can you turn basic geo-tagged data into in a stunning video for Shazam?" That is the challenge that we launched last April. It was a very unusual contest on eYeka, something very innovative that entice some of of you to test their capacity and boudaries here. We just have one thing to say: WELL DONE guys!! You impressed us. Indeed you managed to work with complex XML data and find a nice way to visualize the data in an impressive and engaging time-lapsed video. Congrats to all of you!! Here is the comment from the jury about the winning entry:  "Your winning video stood out the most. Great use of Shazam assets. Clear, simple, easy to read - yet stylish and nicely laid out."   Now the winner is ... drum roll please... : 1st Prize of 5,000€ goes to jean-baptistesay for Shazam Grammy from 8h00 PM to 2h30 AM

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Before the contest, I just wanted to see if I was able to transform an XML file into a video with a real design, using the graphic charter of Shazam and my knowledge in motion design. Through the different development, it really began to turn into something nice so I redoubled efforts to improve and refine the final video. I love to train on this kind of challenges and particular cases: I guess this was the perfect opportunity .

I know that technically I was not the best coder ( a computer science professor had published a much more precise tool than mine ) but ,  as a Jack-of-all-trades,  the combination of my knowledge in design and development enabled me to succeed in the game. Without forgetting that we were not that much to participate in this competition .

 When I learnt about the results , I was very happy and relieved even if I still had to make a test to validate this first selection. I also had some technical problems because the file was not the same . Much heavier and not in the same format . So I had to develop other tools to send the final video. But I made it.

Globally it is a very nice experience for me!

With the prize I will be able to launch a communication Agency (SARL) with my brother in 2014. Check this out here => Brother & Brother 

Thanks a lot and see you soon !

Thanks a lot to you Jean-Baptiste, we enjoyed reading you and getting your feelings about your prize and your global experience with Shazam. We can't wait to discover your work online!!

Thank you all who participated, the challenge was not easy so congrats for the efforts you made!! See you soon for further challenging contests!!