Ypioca Dear eYeka creators, We are glad to announce the results of Ypioca contest, in which you submitted innovative ideas on what could Ypioca create to support a social cause in an original way, with the help of its customers? You have come up with a lot of truly creative ideas and here is what client wants to share with you: Thank you so much for participating in the Ypioca contest. We are very impressed on how you understood the brand DNA and how the social cause ideas you suggested were relevant to our brand. So, here are the three winners of the contest and the comment of the brand on their entries: 1st Prize of 4,000€ goes to Marwann (France) for Ypioca Hats of life. It was his first contest on eYeka!
Your idea smartly connects expand the current brand social approach in a very appealing way to get consumers engaged. Bringing Ypioca closer to consumers could be a very interesting way to reinforce the brand social asset. Great job and thank you for your contribution.
When I learned that i won as all the people who ever won on eYeka I felt: "HURRAYYYYYYY". And then a smiled for the whole day, and a little bit of pride. When I create media I look at the brand values, try to define its real purpose, brainstorm for a while, and once I find the idea, I try to write a little story (on paper) to explain it in a way people can relate to. I then create the main asset, and find free stock photos to illustrate them, and write the presentation !   2nd Prize of 2,500€ goes to AnnaNThang (USA) for Ypioca Floresta
Your idea selected a very relevant cause, not only for Brazil, but also for the rest of the world. Limited edition are also great "hook" to get consumers engagement. Putting both working together makes your idea very strong! Great job!
AnnaNThang has not shared her comments with us yet. 3rd Prize of 2,000€ goes to LNami (Brazil) for YPIOCA, Parceira dos Brasileiros
Your idea is original for the theme is not commonly explored. And also it is relevant because the cause is completely aligned with the current brand social approach. The way that you approach the brand participation and the cause, bring the impact and coverage expansion for the Ypióca social position. Great job!
It was great to win! It made me feel really proud and motivated to do even better next time. I decided to participate because the brief was very clear, well written and the challenge was to find a way to help people. The challenge itself was very inspiring!;) Thank you all!! Brand is saying thank you to all the participants for your efforts and creative entries! See you in future contests on eYeka!