Spirit responsible Dear creators, Today we are glad to announce the winners of the Spirits Social Plus contest, in which we asked you to come up with an original and totally new idea for a cause that a spirits brand (vodka, rum, whisky, gin or any other spirit) could support - a socially responsible cause intrinsically related to its product story or brand positioning. Here is how the client commented the results of the contest: Thank you all for participating. Your ideas really inspired us to make Social Plus a great initiative!!!! Please, welcome the winners of the contest and comments both from the client and the winners:   1st Prize of 4,000€ goes to s_xadani (Mexico) for Tequila Señor Artesano We thought your idea was really original and in line with our thoughts for the Social Plus projects. Thank you! The author has not shared any comments with us yet. 2nd Prize of 2,500€ goes to: marsoleb (Spain) and for Vodka FoodPrint - No drink waste. No food waste. Great idea how to connect the social cause and the consumer participation - it's an appealing way to get them involved on contribute, without making a significant trade-off of it. Easy, appealing and relevant!! Great job!
This contest had a social motivation that was very strong for me. Just by envisioning how brands can truly contribute to social cause is defiant. Nowadays, brands are the ones entitled to pursue these goals, because otherwise competition will do and thus, companies may lose competitive advantage. I'm sure this contest has shed light on our social initiatives that hopefully the company will put into action soon.
  3rd Prize of 1,000€ goes to kerubin (Singapore) for Horizon Whiskey The social idea you select is very relevant in Latin America. For the near future we are confident it will engage people. Besides, there is an additional value behind you idea - it could be connected with our corporate program Learning For Life. Thanks for your contribution.
As an advertising creative things do get a little routine working on the same clients everyday. I see eyeka as an opportunity for creatives to tackle more open briefs as well as trying out a different kind of client. It helps to keep the fire going as well as allowing you to develop your creativity on other platforms that you may not have explored before. I guess the key aspect of being shortlisted in these contests is to offer a fresh point of view, and really just let your imagination go wild since we don't have to answer to any clients here! Thanks eyeka for the many opportunities, it is one of the more rewarding platforms for our creativity.
  Thanks to all the participants for your entries and creative ideas in this contest! We wish you best of luck and looking forward to seeing you in our future contest!