Hello everyone! It’s October and time to meet our Creator of the Month! This time, we decide to feature a student from the community, as we believe there are always great works coming from amateurs and all the talented people need to be kept an eye on no matter they are professional or not ;) Let us introduce Yizhen Wang  a.k.a Wangyizhen from China, who won a First prize in his first contest in eYeka! Wanna know more about him? Check out this mini conversation we’ve had with him: Wang.jpg   Hello! Can you tell us more about yourself? Hi all, my name is Yizhen Wang. You can call me Kilo - that's my nick name. I am currently studying at Jiangnan University in China, I will graduate next year. I am hoping to pursue my studies further in New York to learn Art and Design after graduation. How did you find out sbout eYeka? I knew eYeka from my classmate, Mrno. She likes to share interesting information about art with us and I heard that she has won many prizes in eYeka, so I decided to give it a try! (Yes, Mrno is one of the most active Chinese members who have won 8 prizes so far in eYeka!) Before joining eYeka, I participated in some local online contest platforms but rarely won anything. So I guess I could try my luck here.   So you chose Bimbo as your first contest on eYeka. Can you share with us how do you decide to participate or not in a contest? I will see whether the contest brief is interesting. If it is easy to understand, it definitely attracts me to give it a try. If the brief is too complicated or too difficult, I will give up. The brand and the prize are two important factors as well. Usually if I have the feeling that "I can really contribute with something" for this contest or I come up with an idea straight away when I read the brief, I will give it a shot. It's amazing that you won the first prize of Bimbo contest on your first try in eYeka! Can you share your winning secret to us? When I read the Bimbo brief, I feel that I really have a lot to express as I found the current bread packaging in the market are not fashionable and convenient enough, I thought of creating a new flexible packaging. So when I was checking the Bimbo brief, I already had an idea in mind based on my real life experience. To be honest, I never thought of winning as Bimbo was my first contest, until one day I received an email from eYeka that I won the First prize! (And his classmate Mrno won the second prize in that contest!)  I guess the winning secret is the same for all contests: you need to know what the brand wants, then you can start working on your concept. Can you share with us what are your sources of inspiration? Inspiration for me could be a poem, could be a clip from a film. I like simple things. Sometimes I just write different words or draw some pictures randomly and generate ideas. I like reading Kungfu novels and travel books. I also travel a lot - they give me a lot of inspirations. You can see some of the pictures I took in Tibet :)



  Thanks for sharing your photography work! Our next question is, what are the things you like about eYeka? And what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? I think eYeka is transparent and professional. The people are really nice here. Compared to the local platforms here (in China), eYeka is doing a really great job, so I can't think of anything that I don't like about it. Any words you would like to share to your fellow aspiring creators on eYeka? I would say, keep on going and keep on improving! Of course you can't win in every contest, as the competitions are very  fierce in eYeka. If I lose, I will try to find out what are my shortages and try to improve for my next contest. I believe good contests can help creators to improve. For me, participating in contests has become a part of my life. I hope all of us will keep on going and improving.   Thank you for your time, Yizhen! We hope to see more creative works from you and wish you all the best with your studies ;) For those who are amateurs in eYeka, we encourage you to try your hands in our contests and practice your skills here. You could be the next winner too!