We would like to start the new year (Oh my, is it really 2013 already?!) by featuring a talented creator from a not-so-far away country, Indonesia. She has been with eYeka for slightly more than 2 years as of now and has been actively participating in our creative challenges. She is Chintami Ricci or usually known as chintami among eYeka’s community.

As a designer based in Jakarta, she loves exploring new things and improving her skills on anything related to art & design. This young, talented lady is a designer by day and a contestant by night. Wow! I can't imagine how busy that must be! And on top of that, she is also an illustrator and children’s book author! Now that’s what we call ‘multitasking’ ;) “I have just written my first children’s book and it has been approved by a local publisher. I’m interested in writing children’s story books maybe because I love children’s world which is full of fantasy, and in here, I am able to expand my imagination as far as possible :D” Her creation process usually starts with mind mapping and searching for inspirations from her daily life, the environment surrounding her, the Internet, and then asking the people around her whether her idea is applicable, is it good and unique enough, etc. She believes that their opinion and feedback are very useful, and they may also give her some valuable suggestions to improve it. She also said that if she likes the brief, ideas would come out easily. “This makes me think that our happiness will influence the creation process as well”, she added. When we asked who is her best inspiration, she mentioned Thomas Alva Edison and Albert Einstein. Why? “They are not designers, but they have the creative thinking which make the world better. I love Edison’s spirit. He had failed for more than 1,000 times but he had never given up until the end. He realized that the more he failed, the nearer he was to success. It’s like the theory of sales: out of 10 people, there will be at least 1 who will buy our product. So when we have failed for, say, 5, 7 times, it means we are nearer to our first success. As for Einstein, he was a very humble man although he was a genius. He was always grateful in his life and he once said, ‘A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure as I have received and am still receiving’. Even all of the success he got did not make him arrogant. This always reminds me that each of my success solely can't be separated from other people’s support.” When she first found out about eYeka, she thought we only offer video and animation contests, so she did not enter any initially. However, there have been more and more insights contests here, so she loves it and she started to enter many of them! Yay! :D As you know, we are always interested in knowing how you view us. So we asked her this question as well. Here's what she has to say: “The first thing I like about eYeka is the access given to the creators to enter contests held by major brands with fantastic prizes. Besides good for our portfolio, this will also give us a lot of experiences, as the briefs are interesting. When we win, the feeling will be great and satisfying! Secondly, the fast response and flexibility of the people in eYeka, either in answering questions or reminding creators of approaching deadlines, etc.” For the lady who loves travelling, she hopes eYeka will have more varied contests which not only focus on graphic/conceptual design, but maybe something like furniture designs or architecture. Now that’s interesting! :D So let us close this short article with an advise from Chintami to all of eYeka creators: As soon as you get inspired, act. This is what I’ve experienced. Sometimes I have an idea in mind, but I doubted whether it is good enough. As my mind is only filled with that idea, other upcoming ones could not come out. So I have to take it out to any piece of paper, either by mind mapping, sketching, writing any spontaneous words that came out from my mind at that time (no matter how silly/weird those words are, just write it down) because sometimes creative ideas came from crazy and unpredictable words that have no connection to the brief. Thanks for your time, Chintami. We hope you’ll have more time to create some animations soon like how you want it to be. Cheers! ;)