What happens when an Asian woman gets her dream eyes? All of you did a great job sending us amazing entries for Clarins contest and today we are happy to announce the winners! Please also see below some comments that the winners wanted to share with you and jury’s perceptions about these three best entries in italic: First prize of EUR 3,000 goes to vving (China) with entry 会说话的眼睛 "We particularly like the illustration and the title/wording of idea"
I am living in Nanning City, China. I am a Year 3 student in university. I love painting very much so I am super happy winning the prize with my work. It gives me more positive power! I found eYeka by accident, when I was looking for some illustration online. Then I saw this Clarins contest, I feel like expressing woman's beauty through my illustration, so I participated. It's my honer to create beauty and get the prize. Keep going!
Second prize of EUR 1,500 goes to chintami (Indonesia) with entry Be Beautiful Naturally, Save Much Time and Effort "This entry uses very emotional words to express how an Asian woman with beautiful eyes would feel and behave which seems pertinent to the Asian ladies that belong to our team."
I love exploring new challenges, and designing as well as contributing ideas to new fields of brief. It gives certain satisfaction when you have finished your idea with all effort, beyond winning. And this contest gave a unique challenge, that is we were asked to design a pair of eyes! I am so excited to hear that I won, for me winning is like I’ve just got a nice gift and it feels so great :) Thank you eYeka and Clarins!
Third prize of EUR 500 goes to fDunk (Ukraine) with entry CLARINS dream eyes "This entry is very rich about emotions. not all are relevent to our target nor to our business though we feel there is something that we could leverage for our future claims and communication."
One day I've decided to challenge my creativity and typed in google something bout creative contest - eYeka was there! I do participate in contests just because I like to create. It's my true passion and one of not many joys in life. I usually create media like this: I sit in my room, alone, only me, pen and a paper, or my whiteboard. I get totally relaxed, take a few good deep breaths and after few minutes of silence I start to write or draw something - and ideas just come to me in some magical ways :) then I expand ideas into ready entries using my skills. This contest was inspiring for me because I adore eyes. I love to look into a person's eye and have that intuitive feeling inside me. Eyes are truly a gateway into inner world and I was trying to make those eyes of asian woman so much real and variable in the same time. When I've got the email that I win, I felt happy but a little bit disappointed too, cause I was hoping to get higher prize here. My mistake was that at first when I've read the brief I thought somehow that Clarins want advertisement, so... I've created many, many ideas for video advertisement, I think - 19 different situations and variations of eyes for asian women and also general pattern for printable ads - and what a shock was for me when my entry didn't match the brief! So I have only several hours to remake my entry into something suitable - and here I am - 3rd prize winner!! Somewhere inside I hope that Clarins someday will start a new contest where they will want ideas for advertisement and my entry will match this time ;)  
Congratulations from eYeka to all of you who gave your best, winners and participants! Thank you, guys! P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!