The Brazilians have the habit of drinking cola with a slice of lemon. Pepsi Twist is a popular refreshing cola flavored with a hint of lemon sold in Brazil for over 10 years. But not everyone knows about Pepsi Twist. Fortunately two edgy lemons came to life to promote Pepsi Twist. They’re quirky but people still love them as they are so daring and entertaining... in their own ways! Surprise us with original, cringingly funny and disruptive videos that show our lemon characters daring youngsters to try Pepsi Twist.   Format: Video/animations up to 30s

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We have EUR 11,600 for 3 best entries:
  • #1 Prize 3,500€ up to 7,000€
  • #2 Prize 1,500€ up to 3,000€
  • #3 Prize 800€ up to 1,600€
Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Pepsi-Twist contest will be running until 3 February 2013.