We all love ice cream! So it's great to see your original and revolutionary ideas in this creative contest about the next generation of ice cream. Today, we are happy to announce the winners! You can also find Jury's comments and some words from the happy winners below: First prize of  EUR 3,000  and  Second prize of  EUR 1,500 goes to genne (from Ukraine) with Ice cream tube new and Ice cream nature new “ Ice cream tube new is a fun and creative delivery of the popular soft-serve product, via a packaging format that is convenient and able to be accessed either in or out of the home.” “ Ice cream nature new is an interesting interpretation of the health trend and the ever present desire for fun and novelty in the ice cream category. The dispensing unit is really interesting!”
I Accidentally found eYeka on the Internet, and I was curious about the contests. I like to participate in interesting projects, to put my enthusiasm, enjoy the result, to be the creator of something unusual and interesting. I participate in this ice cream contest because the brief is interesting and intriguing. It is an opportunity to apply creativity to the real problem, but not limited to unleash the imagination. When I found out that I won... this was a very interesting sensation. On the one hand I have a terrible fate pulse, I was speechless, I don't believe it. Oh God, how can this be real? The first time I took part in the competition, sent only two works, and both won! This did not happen! I still can not believe it! :-) Sometimes the inspiration and ideas are simply dumped on me from the sky, and sometimes when I am very rational and painstakingly go over to the tasks they ponder and then realized. I get inspiration from anywhere, from the nature, magazines, films, people ...). I always work by myself.
Third prize of  EUR 500 goes to klak (from France) with ice cream contest funny piano flavors “This is a fun, simple and novel idea that taps into consumers' desire for customization/personalisation of their ice cream experience”
This is my first participation in eYeka contest. Since then, I have participated in competitions when time and inspiration are available.  I work alone and usually get inspiration quickly after reading the brief (If my inspiration does not come, I will not participate). I participated in this contest because my inspiration came immediately, the ideas was in my head and I was excited by the project. However I have long hesitated to participate because we have to express the ideas in English, so I did a lot of effort in the translation. I did and I'm glad I found this challenge. My only frustration is that we can't see the works from other participants, I would loved to compare their ideas with mine ... Thanks eYeka for the diversity of the competition and hopefully  I will soon be back with new work :)
Congratulation to the winners! And thank you everyone for participating. It was great to see all of your creative ideas in this contest :) P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!