How to convince men that a small change in their daily routine to include CLEAR new scalp tonic can make a huge difference on their life? You guys did a great job answering this CLEAR contest brief with awesome entries! Let’s have a look on our winners and their feedback :)  You can also find some comments from the CLEAR Jury in italics. First prize of EUR 5,000 goes to EINono (from France) with There is a better solution "Very simple idea linked to the functionality of our product brought to life in a highly creative/memorable way. We loved this because this idea has "legs" and can potentially turn into a campaign. " Second prize of EUR 3,000 goes to final3 (from China) with Shadow "Powerful visual storytelling that can travel globally. We loved how the visual story set up the problem but also offered an emotionally engaging end-benefit for users. The graphic approach is also a clever one and very cost effective."
I have been interested in short film for long, but I was too busy since 2007 and didn't have extra time for this. I have less work this year so I started to consider about this again, and I found eYeka on the internet, so I become a member here. I started working in 2000, as an animation designer for CCTV in Beijing, since then I started to know more about directing and started to work as animation director from 2008. When seeing the CLEAR brief, I immediately got some ideas, and I decided to join. I work alone for the projects. As for inspiration, it's hard to describe how I get inspiration, it comes from every part of my life. I hope creators in eYeka continue joining contests here, at first you may find it difficult, because you want to meet the needs from client and sometimes it's hard, but after you start, you will enjoy yourself. It's wonderful to create something, and when you finish... I can't tell how happy I am.
Third prize of EUR 2,000 goes to Alexbrito (from Mexico) with alarm clock & post it "Engaging storytelling focused on how the product will dramatically improve your life. It makes our product aspirational and captures the tone of voice we want to use when connecting with our consumers. "
I was looking up for video contest on the internet, then eYeka got our attention because it seemed very serious and professional. I participate in contest because I can feel free to explore new options and to create my own ideas. The reason why I participated in this contest is that we were choosing between some contests in eYeka at that time, and the best idea we had was for this CLEAR contest. When we found out we won, we were very happy and proud of our work. We also felt eager to enter more contests. When creating work, the first step is a brainstorm, then we  pick the good ideas and  put them together and finally we polish the idea before starting the production itself.  In this case the idea just came out by itself  and with the brainstorm, it got bigger. I get inspiration from daily experiences. We work in a team. Dear fellow eYeka creators, if you feel that you have a good idea, dont hesitate to enter the contest. This was the first time we entered an eYeka contest and we won! So you never know when you can win. You dont have to be a great pro to enter the contest, with eYeka, everyone has the opportunity to express through advertisement and earn a lot of money doing it.  Also we want to thank the eYeka community support team for their help and for being so efficient!
  Congratulation to the winners! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! :)