Dear video makers, you are all very talented and here at eYeka, we are totally agree on that. However, it seems that sometimes you miss out some points while making your video and this can affect your submission. Thus, the point of this blog post is to give you some tips that can help you to get your video accepted on the first try! Ready?.... Action !!




1) Read the rules, brief, and guidelines thoroughly.

Otherwise, you may miss out on some important details and information that may be crucial to your submission.

1) Show any famous brand/logo/celebrity/artwork/character.

They are protected with copyrights, and thus, we advise you to blur logos whenever it’s visible.As for celebrity, artwork, and character, you are simply not allowed to feature them in your creation. We value originality here ;)

2) Create an original story.

Everyone hates copycat, right?      

2) Use images that are not free of rights.

Do not use images taken from random websites which author you are not sure of. If you are using images taken from the Internet, do make sure it is copyrights free.

3) Take note of the accepted languages & video duration.

Some brands may have specific preferences on these, so kindly respect it.

3) Use music that is not free of rights.

Music by famous singers/musicians/bands/orchestras are protected by copyrights and you need to obtain a license from them before using it.If you want to use music taken from a website, do make sure the license granted to you allows you to use it for commercial purposes. Or you can also find one with Creative Commons License Attributive 3.0.

4) Take note of submission deadline.

So don’t wait till the last minute to upload your creation. Be wise and upload it ASAP so that if there are changes to be made, it can be done before the contest closes. All of our contests end at 11:59 PM UTC. What is UTC? Click here to find out more about it.    

4) Show any famous building/landmark/monument (e.g. The Tower Bridge, The Eiffel Tower, etc.).

Some of them are being protected by copyrights in their respective countries. Hence, it is best not to show them in your creation. Better be safe than sorry ;)

5) Write some media description to explain the story behind your creation.

Treat it like your best friend. Don't forget to fill it with some information about the idea behind your creation. Also, do write the source of music used in your video and information related to the copyrights of all elements used (images, music, etc.)

5) Show any personal details, whether in your entry or media description.

So no name, house/email address, phone number, website, etc. please.  

6) Create a good quality video.

HD format rocks! When your video is in a good format, it will look nicer, won’t it? That means brands will also see it in its prime quality.    

6) Feature minors if you have no authorization from their parents.

If you would like to feature a minor (18 years old and below) in your video, you have to obtain a written authorization from his/her parents stating that they agreed to let their child(ren) star in your video.

Other than that, quality sometimes does matter in order for us to accept your submission. Why? Because we have two different types of video contests: - Those where the brands are just looking for insights/ideas - and those where brands would like to broadcast the entries on their social media channels. In this case, quality of execution will be one of the points to be considered before accepting your submission. So try to upload the HD version whenever possible. So that’s all about it. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always drop us an email via the Support tab on the left side of our website. Thank you for taking some time to read this. It seems that you are now ready to take part in our video contests. Show us your best work! :D