Hi all, Here is an easy challenge for you. Basically we want you to see how you visually express what is a happy belly. When everything is fine : your belly and yourself. A lot of people only think about their belly when they have a problem. Activia believes it is important to have happy bellies. Becausewellbeing and emotions are linked to our belly! Happy bellies = happy people...

Help us to communicate the positive side of feeling well and having a happy belly by showing us what a happy belly looks like.

Let us enjoy a happy tummy! Format: Print : illustration or pictures.  

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Prize: 5 000€ 1st Prize: 3 500€ 2nd Prize: 1 000€ 3rd Prize: 500€
Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion, please.  Beware of the deadline: This contest will be running until  February, the 3rd. Good luck everybody! :)