Hi all!! Guess what, we got the results for the contest Inside the Car. You really impressed us with your ideas to imagine the car of 2020. Some of you were very realistic saying that 2020 is quite close so our car interior wouldn't change that much. And others were very optimistic imagining amazing new features for our future car. Well, we only have one word for you : Congrats !! Let's see what the Jury said about your creations:
Thank you community for all the ideas, we really appreciate it. We presented our key findings, including ideas inspired by your input, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it was very well received. The best ideas covered multiple need-states, provided both visual and verbal descriptions and linked to potential technologies. In other words, they met a real potential customer need and you brought them to life in an easy to understand way.
  Now, here are the winners !!!   1st Prize goes to Chintami for Customizable Car interior (from Indonesia)
When I first read the brief, I directly had an idea. It’s because I also have ever imagined, someday what will the inside of the car look like in the future? Then I just out my idea to this contest..  I’m so surprised then I am chosen as the 1st winner :D . Thank you Eyeka !
  2nd Prize goes to Em19 for Car2020 (from Germany)  
Hello! I`m 22 and I`m Belorussian. This Car contest is for me as a picture. I work as artist and don`t think about winning. I study in Germany and I want to be a well known Artist in the future. =) Contest is a good chance to practice, and money is a good incentive, but not always. Thanks eYeka`s team ! I wish you good luck and good works!

Thanks everybody for participating, and congrats for your wonderful ideas !!

See you soon!!