Today is a big day as we announce the results of this great Cornetto contest. Remember, the challenge was the following: “Surprise us with an original video or print that brings the Cornetto motto "enjoy the ride, love the ending" to life in a refreshingly unusual way, to catch teens' attention and make them want to share your entry with their friends.” Well the Jury was quite surprise actually but in an excellent way. Actually, you impressed  ! Thus they decided to reward 2 additional videos. Check it out !!   Video   1st Prize of 10000€ goes to Engageordie  for Cornetto - Good Endings 60 from Spain
“Dear Eyeka Community, We are thrilled to hear that our video is the first winner, we are very thankful for your support and would be pleased to accept the prize.We are a group of students studying advertising and PR in Madrid, and winning a prize like this means the world to us.”
2nd Prize of 5 000€ goes to Aehtam for Cornetto_Enjoy the Ride from Czech Republic
 First of all thank you for your appreciation.Story behind this video is quite interesting,because it was whole created (even accordion theme) when I have visited my girlfriend in France.I´ve noticed Cornetto contest and I came with this chase-story Idea.Unfortunately,from my perspective,it was absolutely unreal to realize it,because on visit in France I had just my Idea,my camera and my girlfriend.Well,the last one proved to be not only beautiful,but also marvelous magnet for amazing people.Out of the blue we had built tiny team that worked with enthusiasm of children on common thing-my Idea.Shooting was just like playing on the playground.Because I don´t speak French,one of many roles of my girlfriend was also language interpreter.This way I would like to Thank amazing family Huet from Locminé,Francois Aillet we´ve met on covoiturage and of course my girlfriend Alenka,that was kicking me forward.One thing I have learned on this one was fact,that if You work with enthusiastic people,you can manage all crazy ideas.Thanx!    
3rd Prize of 2 500€ goes to Ben_Saunders for Cornettos from United Kingdom
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Surprise Cornetto was so happy about your creations that they decided to reward 2 additional videos !!

What a great news for the 2 additionnal winners. Congrats to them !!!!!!

  3rd additional Prize of 2 500€ goes to Marconutella for The sun ray from Spain
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3rd additional Prize of 2 500€ goes to Soller for cornetto from Spain
We are very grateful to be considered the winner of this award. We are 2 girls studying Advertising and PR, and Media Studies. This recognition gave us fresh air for next goals and, of course, we will intend to participate in other new calls. ;);). Thank you Very much.
  Design   1st Prize of 3 000€ goes to drSn for Cornetto_2 from Spain
“My name is Eduardo Reolid, i´m a freelance creative in Barcelona. Some years ago, I was working in an animation video for a campaign called First National Siesta Championship, and two friends of mine who work for a great animation studio (Plastic Beats) spoke to me about eYeKa. One month after I told my friend Gilower about the contest, but in that current period we had no time for participating. Finally, after a couple of years we decided to send to eyeka two works separately. I sent one work for Cornetto through my agency "Wake up Brains", so that means I worked with my partners David Blanco, Gustavo D'Alessio and Bruno Golinelli. Gilower sent another work to another contest of eYeka. One day Gilower told me that he had won the contest and I told him I was proud of him. After 2 days eYeka sent me an e-mail with the text: "Your entry is a winner". This is an international contest and Gilower and I are from the same little village, Tobarra (Castilla La Mancha, Spain), we live just one street away from each other. Should we say that Tobarra is on fire??. hahaha Come on!. WAKE UP YOUR BRAINS!!!”
2nd Prize of 2 000€ goes to shar for cornetto  from Belarus
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3rd Prize of 1 000€ goes to marion_chapelain for cornetto enjoytheride2 from France
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A huge thank you to all the participants !! Keep going, you are all very talented !!

P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!