As eYeka members, you are passionate about creation and we guess always looking to acquire new skills in your field of expertise to get better at what you do. Many people are keen to learn a new trade or hobby, such as cooking for example.

It will soon be possible to have cooking classes delivered at home, in front of your computer. How will it work? Physical content will be delivered at home, by mail. Then you will connect to a website, follow a live class and be able to ask your questions to the chef. Then, you could have access to more content online and connect with a community of other cooking trainees. This is the next generation of home workshops!

How could you get the same quality of learning than a real class, while being comfortably settled in front of your computer?

Through an engrossing visual media, imagine the full experience of a new way of learning cooking at home.

Format: PowerPoint presentations, sketches, illustrations, pictures or a mix of these.  

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Prize: up to 5 000€ 1st Prize: 1,500€ up to 3,000€ 2nd Prize: 750€ up to 1,500€ 3d Prize: 250€ up to 500€
  Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion.  This contest will be running until  February, the 6th. Good luck! :)