Wooow, here is a new glamourous challenge. Come on, young women needs your help on this. Show them how the toothpaste Closeup White Now gives young women the spotlight! Besides shining at a nightclub or attracting attention at the prom's party, there are many glamorous occasions for confident young women to play up beauty as their strength to grab the spotlight, along with their wit, charm, personality and most importantly, their SMILE. Closeup White Now is an instant whitening toothpaste with unique blue foam that gives you superior whitening right after the first brush. It gives young women an instant beauty edge whenever they want it. It is their best instant beauty accessory. Through a high-quality and engrossing video/animation, show us how Closeup White Now’s instant whitening effect gives a confident young woman the edge to instant success and get her the spotlight in an unexpected and glamorous situation. FORMAT: Video/animations up to 60s  

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Prize: up to 15 000€ 1st Prize: 8000€ 2nd Prize: 5 000€ 3d Prize: 2 000€
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