Dear creators! We are glad to announce the winners of CarrefourSA Contest! The Jury was delighted by the quality of your job, they say it was even above their highest expectations. Bravo!

Below you will find some comments from our winners and  jury's feedback in italics.


First prize of 6,000€ goes to barisatiker (from Turkey)

Fresh and powerful idea, which is lighthearted and very flexible across different media and different occasions and people.

I am a graphic designer and educator specialized in motion graphics and animation. I like to keep things simple and ordered but also the challenge of designing and discovering new things. This was the first competition where I submit my work, and I was so lucky to know the client from my beautiful country, Turkey. I think the success comes from not only the technical side of the project, but also knowing the family characteristic of Turkish people whom CarrefourSA wants to target and reach. I had so much fun in designing the simple 3d characters and animation which took 2 days to complete because of the tight deadline, and I really want to thank for the eYeka email which requested me to join the competition. Thank you

Second prize of 3,000€ goes to jeff_werewolf (from France)

It is the first time that I am selected in a competition and it is really great to win a prize with my passion. When I received the e-mail of eYeka, I couldn't believe it, thank you so much.

Third prize of 1,000€ goes to foodelle (from Tunisia) foodelle hasn't shared his thoughts with us yet.


First prize of 3,000€ goes to barisatiker (from Turkey) Amazing! First participation and a first winner at one shot! Second prize of 1,500€ goes to charly-dh (from Belgium) This media has a powerful and flexible idea that can be brought to life again for different occasions, people and product types. This is the second time I participate in a contest eYeka. Me and my friends decided to make a poster for Carrefour after seeing that very few people had responded to the call for entries. We did this thinking have more chances to win and it was good! We are more confident than before and we will not stop there. Win a prize today is the best recognition of our work in the field of graphic design and advertising! this is what we needed! A big thank you to eYeka team and to Carrefour for select our poster. Third prize of 500€ goes to Jalal (from France) This media has a key visual with the ribbon making a heart with 20.
Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to every one for your participation :) P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!