Dear creators,

Lately we asked you to help us building our future, and your future by describing your ideal eYeka experience on Well it turned out that you had great ideas for our website. So a big THANK YOU to all of you.

Now I wanted to make something special for you through this article before announcing the results. I wanted to introduce you  with Renaud who launched this contest, he is our Product Manager ( basically he takes care of our website and tries to improve it for the community). Come on, a round of applause for Renaud !!

grey renaud
  Check out his interview:

Hello Renaud !! Could you please introduce you? Your job? Your daily tasks ? Are you someone creative in your private life (hobbies, passion, etc…)? 

Hello, My name is Renaud, I’m Product Manager at eYeka. I joined eYeka on November 2011, so it must be one year and a half since I’m here. My job is to understand user needs and corporate strategy to create features. I think my job is creative as I have to create what happens on the website… and that’s really what I like, this freedom!

My daily tasks start with browsing the web to get inspired and be up to date on latest product release, new features, web trends etc. I’m a super web addict. The rest of the day is divided between meetings, project management, features design, data analysis, mock-up creation, etc. I’m like an orchestra conductor!

Why did you initiate this contest? What did you think about the entries when you saw them?

We decided to launch this contest to have a better understanding of eYeka's user needs. We tried to capture why you came on eYeka, what you liked and what you disliked, what is important for you, etc. I identified 7 great entries created by fDunkgaoshobz,  remake1990clementimejanene731 and umar. Entries were very different, from concept to story, from high quality to document with text only. What’s magical is when similar ideas appear on several media.

Did you expect these kind of entries? How did you choose the winning entry ? And how are you going to use the content of the winning entry?

To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting anything, so I’m pretty happy now. I took 1 full day to read them all and take notes on important points. The list that I did contains more than 200 items. That’s a lot to process! After reading all the entries, the choice of the winning entry was obvious for me.

We are starting to work on v2, a new version of the website, more focused on who we are and what we do. There is a lot of job to be done but we will try to release a first version in 3-4 months.

Do you have something special to say to our community ?

I wanted to thank all of you guys, without you eYeka would not exist! We will communicate as soon as we start to develop the new eYeka, but keep in mind that we aim to deliver a website more focused around you to let you easily improve your skills, compete with others and create super great media for brands!

Thanks a lot Renaud for your time and for this interview!! :)

Now, you may all wonder who is this amazing creator who won the Prize for this contest ? Well his name on eYeka is Phixel and he comes from Algeria. He is 28 y/o and his skills mostly concern design and print. He is with us for 1 year now and already won 3 Prizes. Thus congratulation Phixel!!!

Here is what Renaud says about Phixel's entry:
This media is a great media, I really like it. Thanks Phixel!: - Good-looking and fun to read (lots of jokes, nice drawings) - Presents a very interesting concept "eYeka as a creative coach" - Develops it with new features and improvements

So now let's see what Phixel said:


How did you know eYeka? Why did you participate in this contest? What motivated you to do so?

I knew eYeka thanks to a friend. To be honest, I focused on another eYeka contest at that time, as I was thinking that I did not have the web streak  to propose something interesting. Then eYeka told us that they wanted us to focus more on ideas rather than on the technical aspect. So I started to make a short case study, and I realized that I could suggest some solutions in that way as I'm interested in creative strategy.

Thus I imagined a character being a creator/guide who would have a whole reflection around the problem that eYeka and its users may have, and this character would propose, some ideas in a fun way!

What do you think about our eYeka platform?

I often say it, I'm a huge fan of eYeka :)! But I'm going to say something more, according to me eYeka will soon experience an important evolution in terms of platform. I think (without pretending to be a seer) that this platform will for sure brings a lot of innovation in terms of experience for brands and creators. With even more creativity and exchanges, and even opportunities  for the future.

What is your speciality on eYeka?

At first I started with prints, from a technical and creative point of view. Then I specialized in many other field of action like radio, TV. That's how I had been recognized as a creator able to make use of words (copy-writing) and image. I also try to manage Animation 2D and 3D, but for the moment I do not manage it. The next step would be to start working on web and packaging.

In general, where do you find inspiration?

There is no real special way to find inspiration. It's a whole process. You have a topic and then you start with it in all ways, filtering all bad ideas, linking elements between them, and merging ideas. It always deals with a tough exercise where you have to make many searches as well.

And to finish I would like to thank all the eYeka team for their work and the Jury for picking me as a winner of this contest.


Thanks a lot for your collaboration Renaud and Phixel !!

Here are our Top Contributors who were short-listed for this contest:

fdunk gao shobz remake1990

Clementime Janene731 Umar

Congrats guys, you had great ideas!! :D