So! Have you figured out how did Santa manage to deliver presents to children all over the world in just one night? Did you sneak up on him on Christmas Eve? ;) It was a lot of fun reviewing the submissions that came in for this contest! How not to when you showed us a lot of funny, creative, and at times quirky ideas? Among the 102 submissions accepted in the contest, most came from China, France and Russia. Well done, everyone! Your creations definitely added more Christmas spirit to the already festive mood last December :D Without further ado, here's the person who gets an additional $$$ in her bank account: The cash prize of EUR 500 goes to valerirr777 (Russian Federation) with Santa Underground
"I found this contest by accident, but never for a moment regretted my participation in it. I live in a small town, where on Christmas, we traditionally dress up the trees in the square and the parks, and the children don't really believe in Santa Claus......but this contest is like pulling me back to my childhood!! Because all of us remain as children inside!! I remembered a story: when I was a kid, my parents hid my Christmas gifts in the most secluded place that I had never found them earlier, and then one day they hid the gifts under the sink in the kitchen, and 2 hours before new year, I looked in there and found a huge set of young physician toys! My joy knew no boundaries, and my parents told me that Santa Claus could not fit in the window, so he froze the pipes and with the help of the elves rolled my gift in parts right under the sink. This story seems naive to me now, but back then I was ecstatic, and the festival was magical. And so the idea of the picture was born. It's so cool if there's a miracle in our everyday's lives. It gives us eYeka Community!! :)"

Valery thinks that Santa actually travels through the water supply network, with his reindeers freezing it to ice and pulling a super-sleigh between houses. An outstandingly creative idea!  Congratulation, Valery!   And, to answer the initial question… how does Santa deliver all these presents? Here are a couple of awesome ideas! •          Santa left reindeers and sleigh for rockets and jetpacks To accomplish the almost impossible task of delivering presents to billions of humans in one night, Santa Claus needs to get rid of his antiquated sleigh pulled by reindeers. The Santa Claus of 2012 has alternative means of transportation like a skateboard, a motorcycle, a car but also rockets, magic sleighs or jetpacks. Community member Oliverclub from Russia, for example, proposes two eccentric versions of Santa travelling in the DeLorean from classic movie "Back to the future" and on a motorcycle.  Similarly, creator AlexanderRamos from Brazil, suggests that Santa travels on rockets to deliver presents across the globe, but not any type of rocket: “Santa Claus will distract us from the violent war sceneries that bring us so many sadness,” he says, explaining that “Santa will give us an explosion of joy by delivering presents on a rocket.” Another creator, Dtsj from Indonesia, suggests that Santa Sr. is too old, and that it is his son Santa Jr. who actualy delivers presents on a self-created jet. “He is the one who delivers your Christmas presents using his Rudolph-7, a jet he created himself,” he explains. Lencer from China represented a bionic, futuristic version of Santa that has an accelerator to deliver presents.

  •          Santa uses shortcuts to get to your house Besides valerirr777’s winning idea, other creative minds have different explanations: Sandflake from France sees Santa swinging around the world from a rope tied to the moon, Jadielqt from Brazil thinks Santa uses children's dream to transform them into real toys and put them under the Christmas tree, and Alien2012 from Russia sees Santa using magic portals to travel instantly from one place to another.

  •          Santa is tech-savvy and helped by an army of workers This year was the year of tablets and applications, and Santa has embraced this trend. With most presents being digital nowadays, StivoYan from Indonesia saw that Santa commissioned his IT department to build the SantaCloud app, where presents are everywhere, accessible all the time at a click of  a mouse – or the tap of a finger. Many creators also suggested that Santa is not alone and that an army of elves are actually doing the leg work. StivoYan’s SantaCloud app is based on elves which prepare presents before they are sent out, Hadime_Hayashi from Japan has the very poetic idea that all the world’s animals bring presents to patiently waiting children, and Veil from Korea has the more pragmatic idea of a Santa-License that grants parents, and parents only, the right to distribute presents on Santa’s behalf.

•          Santa can clone himself and teleport its presents Instead of having an army of helpers, why not imagine that Santa actually relies on an army of… himself? Given that he cannot be everywhere at the same time, Klak from France suggests, he created a machine to clone himself! Kowandesign from Indonesia and Teranmedia from Russia also had this idea and represented cloning machines in their illustrations. Andrej_il from Belarus says that “Santa teleports himself throughout the world with strong intention to make our dreams come true,” describing his idea of teleporting. And if he wants to comfortably stay at home rather than to be teleported, he can beam the presents directly under the Christmas tree, as Mso from Mexico suggests. Creativity has no borders!

Other fantastic ideas and visualizations: And do you know that we display some of your creations in our headquarter in Paris? :D Here are some pictures to show it:

The doodle was drawn by one of the kids during a Christmas event. We see a future creator there ;)