Kids are innocent and naïve, and they are also known for speaking the truth. In their own families they see their parents as their heroes. Sometimes they see a tension whereby their parents tell them one thing and then fail to do that very thing. When it comes to brushing their teeth twice a day, they hear one thing and see another. Why are parents preaching to them to brush day & night, when they are not doing it themselves? Turn kids into coaches and from their perspective, tell the story of the emotional tension around brushing teeth where parents tell their kids to brush, but don’t actually do it themselves.

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We have a lot of prizes for this contest: a total of 12,500€


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You really have the chance to do something funny for this contest: you have to bring to life that moment when parents are caught in the act and they are left speechless and they feel a mixture of pride and shame... Think about your own families and bring up those funny moments! :-D Please remember that this contest is running until 9 October and we are always available for your needs, we're only one click away :-D