Our creator of the month is Mateja Staric a.k.a Mateja from Slovenia. This talented young lady is known at eYeka for her style of combining animation and original music and she has grabbed 2 prizes from us so far.

A Graphic Design graduate of Academy of Fine Arts/Visual Communications, she focused on video and motion graphics during her studies, and now she works on both visual and musical fields. Her path as a musician goes way back though. Her first instrument was her own voice and now she mostly composes and produces music for theater, films, and commercials. She also has a music band performing her original songs. What a multi-talented person she is, isn’t she? Her childhood was surrounded and guided in the direction of visual arts. Growing up, it took her some effort to made her own turn towards music. “I believe it was my strongest means of expression. I first started by creating music for animated films. So animation was the bridge that took me from visual to music and I still have a strong affection for it”, added Mateja whose passion is to understand the dynamics between these two fields of creativity and to look for a symbiosis between them. I would say she has done a great job connecting the above fields through her creations. Have a look at her video for Kikkoman below and see yourself humming the catchy song along after watching it (It happened to me! :D)

Regarding her participation on eYeka, she said, “My reason to be here is to exploit my knowledge and also to make the best use of it in my spare time. eYeka is always giving me the opportunity to do so and I appreciate it the way it is. Naturally, there are always things that could be done in order to make eYeka even better and more communicative, but so far, that has never really bothered my participation.” Last but not least, I like what she said about how to keep our creativity in focus: “These days, we are frequently exposed to many distracting stimulus and influences from the environment. That makes it difficult to keep our focus and to find the purity of our personal expression, but we must insist in taking the time to observe and contemplate things with peace. Keep the eyes inside-out, ears in silence, and spirits in the humour.” To wrap this up, I’d like to show you a music video called Kristavec (it’s a Slovene name of a poisonous flower) sang by none other than Ms. Staric herself. Enjoy! :D