Hello, all the creators of eYeka! I’d like to introduce you the creator of this month! He is from London and shows us amazing creativity and productivity. He won in eYeka contests more than 10 times! The hero is … Markka!!! Let’s see what he said and learn his secret know-how to win in eYeka contests!       Could you introduce yourself, please?   I am a freelance digital designer from London, United Kingdom. I work mainly in London, but I have worked in Europe. I am always interested in creative ideas, and conceptual projects, and taking on new opportunities. As a digital designer, you always need an online portfolio where you can showcase your designs and can be contacted to work on short or long term projects. My website can be viewed at markka.co.uk/portfolio.   It is about one and half year that you are with us at eYeka. Do you remember when you were joining at eYeka? How did you know eYeka and what did you expect at that time? When I first became aware of eYeka it was nearly all in French language, so it stopped me becoming involved as a non-french speaker. When the site began to develop the global co-creation community, and translate some briefs in English language, I began to get involved.  As with most creators on the site, I read a brief, liked the brand and had some ideas for creative solutions – so decided I would upload a submission. I didn’t win or expect to, I just wanted to participate at that time.  As a designer I pitch for work in professional agencies all the time, so my view is eYeka is a place for individuals to pitch the ideas to clients. It really isn’t too dissimilar than the process of professional practice, except you are working for your own rewards – not for the benefit of your agency. Of course an agency will pitch against 2 or 3 other agencies, as opposed to so many individuals.   And what do you think about eYeka now? ;) Since joining eYeka, the platform has developed at an incredible rate, attracting many of the biggest brands in the world and combining itself into one global eYeka website. These brands are now seeking creative solutions for both video and design, which has enhanced the overall co-creation experience. eYeka is trying to develop a better global community spirit, which is an area that needs to improve. The new user-driven enhancement program is a superb idea to make improvements to eYeka and get feedback that will help the creators user experience and attract more opportunities.The eYeka website has a tremendous amount of talented individuals who make the community what it is, just as the fans of a football club make the team who they are. The number one priority should always be the community, a happy community who feel respected, with clear briefs that have fast turnaround times on contest results, with helpful community support will always produce great creative work.   We have seen that you participated in over 50 contests with more than 170 contents. Did you know it? Haha, I believe that everyone would be surprised by your amazing productivity and creativity. How do work to have a lot of ideas? I am surprised a little, sometimes I have a number of ideas, and being freelance designer sometimes I have spare time when I can enter eYeka contests. I like the process of creating something new, finding a creative solution. I can work quite quickly from concept to final design, once the idea has been organised in my mind. Even if you don’t win a contest, you have still produced some creative work. It tends to be about having the time and having the ideas, you need both to be able to create something.   Do you have a special way to enhance your creativity? Could you share that with the other creators at eYeka?   To enhance your creativity I believe you need to have an open mind, as someone once said “A mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open”. You need to be flexible in your approach, think laterally and understand that anyone can have a great idea. There is no monopoly on great ideas. Everybody on the planet is influenced by the things around them, knowing this as a fact will help your creativity. It’s not where you take an idea from – it’s where you take the idea to. We are all influenced by inspirational creativity every day, consciously or sub-consciously. So if I was to share a special way to become more creative yourself, I would say – get excited about creativity around you – notice it – by seeing it everywhere you focus yourself on it and you become it. Now this does sound like I am talking like the guy from Karate Kid, saying Daniel son – wash on, wash off. But it is just true. You cannot be creative, without being excited by creativity.   You have won in several contests (more than 10 times!), Could you choose one of your work that the most remarkable or that you loved a lot? And please tell us why. I have been to win a few prizes on eYeka. I enjoyed producing a poster design for the Roar out Loud Cannes, I have attached it here. I thought it was a worthwhile exercise, even though no prize was available.   Well as some of my work is under confidentiality, I can tell you about a piece of work I did for the movie Contagion. It is a Facebook app. I loved the process of creating this piece of work from concept to storyboard to final production. The app is still available to use on Facebook, it’s an interesting use of Facebook technology and API, and it makes for an interesting social interactive experience. View it here https://www.facebook.com/contagion?sk=app_214723085251450.   Last thing that you would like to say ? I'm looking forward to redesign on eYeka website, if I have any comments about these future improvements, I will use the new enhancement program. If anyone wants to ask me questions I can be contacted via my website, as I more liable to answer than if I receive messages on eYeka website. (As this is one community element of the site that requires improving.)   Thank you for the interview, Mark!