Jean Paul Gaultier, a famous French fashion designer is looking for fresh and innovative gift sets for Valentine’s Day. The Jean Paul Gaultier spirit is one of non-conformism. The idea is to shake up the established codes and allow individuals to desire and to be desired. Your challenge is to create Valentine’s Day gift sets for Jean Paul Gaultier. Your entry must include one gift set design for “Le Male” fragrance, one gift set design for “Classique” fragrance and finally one print idea that promote your new designs.

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The full Jury's prize is up to 3,000!

  • #1 Prize 1,000€ up to 2,000€
  • #2 Prize 500€ up to 1,000€
We are looking for two gift set designs and one print idea that promotes the Valentine’s Day gift sets. Tell a story with your gift set design. Re-read the spirit of Jean Paul Gaultier and bring that magic to life. Winning entries must reflect this spirit. Keep in mind that each gift set includes one fragrance and one product (shower gel for men or skin care for women). You are free to design the interior and exterior of the box, but you will have to keep parts of the front transparent, so that we are able to see the products. You can send it your prints and illustrations until 10 October - for any request we're always available here.