The duration of Danone Silhouettes contest wasn't exactly long. It was only two weeks, to be exact, BUT the results wow-ed the judges away! They really love your submissions and so they decided to award three full prizes for the best entries. Without further ado, here they are! :D First Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to fandesign (Italy) with silhouette's danone
I am art director senior who is passionate about the world of crowdsourcing, I think it is a universal way of sharing creativity.
eYeka I met through a friend and immediately liked it because they face briefing dedicated to consumer product ( food, personal care etc. ) which is my specialty.
Danone has been a great challenge, a way to work in the food area enhancing the creativity and the essential characteristics of the product giving a new image that enhances kindness and diversity.
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to gorillart (France) with diversity3D
I knew eYeka a year ago when I was surfing on the Internet in order to search for graphical resources and link after link, I found eYeka. I don't have a degree in visual communication studies and I think it's a good way to explore creativity by different briefs and purposes we can see on eYeka. I participated in this contest because i really like 3D and packaging contest, and also because I was inspired. :)  My creation process usually start with writing some ideas on papers, and then I will draw some sketches and I will finally work on it on Adobe. I get my inspiration when I sleep!! I think about the brief just before I went to bed and when I wake up, all my ideas are there! :)) I usually work alone for 2D and 3D contest, but I would really like to integrate a team for video and animation contests.
Third Prize of EUR 500 goes to theblueoctopus (Singapore) with danone
I've known eYeka for about 5 years, I believe. Generally I participate in contests because something clicks and you feel like you would like to share the idea and then see the results... See how other have interpreted the idea, and personal gratification for having been part of an initiative.  I took part in this contest because it was an opportunity to make something extraordinary, an opportunity to resist the usual and challenge the norm. I felt the product category was ready for a change, and to move away from the usual fruit imagery to one that was more design based, visually arresting. In any case my daughter loves yoghurt. She gets real excited when the things I do appear in public. So yup did it for her. Even if there wasn't a contest. My creation process usually start with bits and pieces of scribblings here and there and then take it to photoshop to bring the idea to life.  Inspiration comes from knowing that I'm creating something from nothing. To take an idea and pushing it beyond its common boundaries. Breaking new ground, uncovering new insights, and originality. Ok, truth is I'm a creative trapped in a suit, a strat planner who loves getting in on the creative process. And always seeking to validate my alter ego. But the key for me is really about the insights and delivering the proverbial punchline. It's that moment when you look at something and think, "Now why didn't I think of that?"and of course the next thing to do is to deconstruct it to see if it can be better. I usually work alone.  I've been profiled many times as a creative innovator and an independent worker. I play well with others but work better alone.
Congratulation, guys! Thanks a lot to everyone who have participated in this contest. You guys are the best! :D