Young adults (18 - 24 years old) don’t want to get stuck in a life in which everyday seems boring and predictable. Surprise and excitement are what they are looking for. Closeup Fire-Freeze is a toothpaste that has a unique formula combining warming red gel and cooling blue gel. The result is an intense, explosive and tingling sensation, which gives an invigorating lasting cooling freshness in the mouth unlike anything they have ever tried before. It is surprisingly powerful! Show young adults how the combination of blazing warmth and cooling sensations from Closeup Fire Freeze delivers impactful cooling freshness, so powerful that everything else seems weak.

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Jury's Prize is up to:  18,000€

  • #1 Prize 5,000€ up to 10,000€
  • #2 Prize 3,000€ up to 6,000€
  • #3 Prize 1,000€ up to 2,000€
For this contest we accept videos and animations and we'll be receiving your entries until October 24.  Please beware that your ideas will inspire the communication of Closeup Fire Freeze and have the chance to become the core idea for the coming advertising campaign. Should you have any request please contact us here, we can't wait to see your entries!!