Titanium is an amazing metal. It is as strong as steel but 42% lighter, so titanium “iron man” will be much more nimble but still as strong as he needs to be. It is inert so that it can keep its property for longer without any change. This makes it more durable and long lasting than steel or many other metals. In life, don’t you feel there are always situations where you will welcome a little bit of an edge to pull things off or make something happen? Titanium can help you with it. Because it always helps when things are a bit stronger or more durable. Show us an engaging, masculine and humorousor emotional moment when Titanium can give you an unexpected edge by transforming an object in your life into a stronger and more durable “Titanium” version. Format: Video/animations up to 60 seconds, pictures, illustrations, photographs.

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  We have EUR 30,000  for 6 best creations: Video/Animation
  • 1st Prize EUR 5,000 up to EUR 10,000
  • 2st Prize EUR 3,000 up to EUR 6,000
  • 3rd Prize EUR 2,000  up to EUR 4,000 


  • 1st Prize EUR 2,500  up to EUR 5,000 
  • 2st Prize EUR 1,500  up to EUR 3,000 
  • 3rd Prize EUR 1,000  up to EUR 2,000 
The will be running until 24 October 2012. So make sure you won’t miss this one out!
And as usual, should you have any question, don’t hesitate to shout it out on the Discussion tab. We’ll be happy to help you! :D