Some say 50 is the new 40!.. What this suggests is that older adults want to remain fit and healthy even as they continue to age. We have just invented a new product for healthy adults around 50. It is a “body & mind fuel” available as a 100ml pouch. It is scientifically proven to replace nutrients lost as a result of aging and boost memory and mental functioning. We want you to tell us a story about how taking this new “body & mind fuel” helps healthy around 50 stay healthy and continue to get the most out of life. Give this product a name, tell us what flavors it comes in, show us how and when it is consumed. Format: Illustrations, print with explanations, cartoons, storyboards, presentations.

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We have 5,000 € for 3 best ideas:   1st Prize: 1,500€ up to 3,000€ 2nd Prize: 750€ up to 1,500€ 3rd Prize: 250€ up to 500€
Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Healthy Adults contest will be running until 7 October 2012.