Hello everyone, It seems like some of you are still confused by Mizone brief. So allow us to clarify it through this blog post: What we are looking for is idea of activities, NOT advertisement. Idea is the most important thing in this contest, while execution is secondary. Here’s an example of an entry that we have done. Hope this may inspire you, but kindly be reminded not to follow it as it is. This is just to help you to get started:

So I hope it can help you to get a better understanding of what you need to create for this contest. Do remember to write a detailed description to describe your idea and some visuals to accompany it so the judges will be able to understand your idea better. :) Should you have any doubts or question, you can always ask us on the Discussion tab. Six more days to deadline. Let’s get going! :D Are you ready?

Click here to re-read the brief and to submit your creation! 

p.s.: More ideas can be found on the 'News' section on the 'Summary' tab of the contest page.