Do you guys remember that the them of Head and Shoulders was to demonstrate that you could have it all? It was about showing that you can have a anti-dandruff shampoo that also smells good!We don't know how you guys did that, but for this contest we had a total of 54 accepted videos!' This is the comment we have received from Head and Shoulders after the contest: Dear eYeka members, A huge thanks for all the amazing videos you sent us. We have been impressed by the quality of the videos and the great ideas you shared. Most of them were answering the brief very clearly. The 3 winners have managed to stay close the the brief while being very creative so we will definitely leverage those videos in our future plans. The h&s brand team Thanks a lot for participating, we really enjoyed watching your videos, please see here the jury's favourites:
An Epic Shower by cistudios (United States of America) that wins the 1st Prize (EUR 6,000) HS by  FlorentSabatier (France) that wins the 2nd Prize (EUR 3000) HEAD and SHOULDERS H264 by zaki000 (United States of America) that wins the 3rd Prize (EUR 1,000)
Well done guys! For all the ones who didn't make it to the podium don't dispair! Continue checking our website for more contests. PS: Due to the confidentiality of this contest, we can’t show the winners' works.