Well, well, well guys.... we knew you like the contests about logos but we didn't think you liked them SO MUCH!
We have received a total of accepted: 483, I repeat 483 entries!!! Isn't it crazy?
This is the comment we have received from Ulker once they saw the quality of your entries:
“Thx for the great work. Our choice reflected the most distinctive options which delivered the brief.” They must have had a very hard time to choose their favorites, but here they are! You can read some lines from them in italics.
We are very happy to congratulate:
For the first prize (3000 EUR) creator from Russia with Ulker_Logo_love
creator did not share any comments with us :-(
For the second prize (750 EUR) IsaacRivera from France with U Dino
«I am happy to be second in this contest! Especially when I saw that there were hundreds of entries ... I no longer believed I would make it. I've been active on eYeka for a few months, the two prices I won will be invested in gear to produce better designs (computer, software,  video ...). Good luck to all and I hope you will see me on the winners page again soon :) Greetings to the whole tribe eYeka around the globe"
For the third prize (250 EUR) Savled from France with ULKER_2-01
savled did not share any comments with us :-(
Thanks a lot for your amazing work, moderation was quite long at times, but we hope you have enjoyed this contest!
Check our home for more :-D We have launched so many challenges last week you only have to choose which one is your next.
PS: We are very sorry that we cannot show the winning entries for confidentiality reasons. Thanks for your understanding.