How many cans of Coke Burn have you guys drunk to create all these amazing entries we got?We couldn't believe how successful this contest was and how many great ideas we received :-D Thanks a lot guys, awesome job as usual!
Let's not indulge any more then, we're sure you all want to know who made it to the podium :-)
After the names of the winners you can read the comments from the jury and some comments from the winners in italics.
For the video category the winners are........ Drum rolls, please... First Prize of EUR 6,000 goes to 10Miles (France) with 10Graphical The vibrant energy is expressed with beautiful graphics
Art students and Parkour enthusiasts (we have been practicing it for almost 7 years), we decided to link the 2 areas we love. The brief of the competition inspired us. Energy, endurance, creativity, originality... all these notions have given us the desire to show Parkour our way. After searching different ideas, we finally opted for a particular graphic design. As if every action left a trace of our passage, drawing our silhouettes as we used the space, walls, barriers that surrounded us ... This brings a new form of creativity and encourages symbolically to move, in order to exploit these traces we leave behind us ... We made ​​this video in the competition but also to expand our personal capacity in terms of capturing, editing video and audio composition. We wanted to do a project together, this contest was a really good opportunity, and we are proud to have won the first prize for our first participation in a contest on eYeka. Paul and Samuel IDROBO GOVINDIN " 
Second Prize of EUR 4,000 goes to goldfinch (Russia) with Burn Defines the creativity in fantastic way, especially the artistic ending is brilliant.
"I joined more than a year ago. Burn was my 6th contest. Once I was the 3rd prize winner, now it's a second place! According to this trend, I hope that my next win will be absolute! I wish everyone good luck & their own unique inspiration that comes in time!"
Third Prize of EUR 2,500 goes to FlorentSabatier(France) with BURN Tower The good execution idea, which shows the process of creative challenge, makes audience excited.   And for the prints category the winners are........ First Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to 07rajudas (India) with burn Burn‚powerful creativity is expressed in detail.
07rajudas did not want to share any comment with us... :-(
Second Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to luckymanlxh (China) with Burn1 The work is filled with sustained creative energy
luckymanlxh  did not want to share any comment with us... :-(
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to amusinggroup (Hong Kong) with  burn-amusinggroup-design Shows the passion stimulated by a creative activity.
 amusinggroup did not want to share any comment with us... :-(
And you all remember we had some additional public prizes, right? Well, these two media were the most voted ones from you guys, here they are: The most voted video wins 5,000 EUR and the prize goes to fredcavender (France) with his video: The End. Has a unique story, which define burn‚ creative energy in own way.
"Although I'm not a Video professional (I'm a Webdesigner in "real life"),  film-making has become my passion over the past 10 years (actually my first Star Trek spoof was over 15 years ago). I am completely self-taught and through the power of curiosity, the Internet and X-ray vision, I'm trying to improve my directing and video-making skills. Over the past few years, I've been documenting my progress on my site : and have spent a lot of (ie. all of) my spare time making and directing short films. A couple of years ago, I joined eYeka - this has enabled me to challenge myself on a regular basis, and have the chance to support what has become quite an expensive hobby. Regards"
The most voted print wins 2,500 EUR and the prize goes to leox912 (Italy) with giocondacontest Depicts the dynamic creative energy.
"The work was made in collaboration with the photographer Roberto Costantini, who gave me a fantastic shot of a professional fire-eater in the exact position i wanted,it really made the whole thing way easier. We are creatives, we make illustrations, photos, and so the best thing to represent was something about art, photography and illustration, but we had to include fire, which is the main element in Burn's business, so we ended up with this particular idea that shows the most famous artwork in the history entirely made of fire and manages to represent both us and the Burn's company, as like as requested in the brief"
Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! We love all of your creations and it was definitely hard for Coke Burn to only select 3 winners per group among all of you!