London and New York. They are two great world cities, thriving, cosmopolitan, at the vanguard of business, trends and cultures. Yet they remain markedly different, with their own identity that is exemplified in their respective, age-old iconic taxis: New York's yellow taxis and London's black cabs. While these cities are constantly evolving, have these powerful city symbols and transportation modes kept up with time? Can we reinvent these taxis while keeping their "heritage value" and what makes them iconic now? Invent a new type of yellow taxi or black cab to provide a more enjoyable, comfortable and environmentally friendly ride for passengers and drivers while staying true to their iconic status as symbols of London or New York. Format: pictures or illustration.

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ONE best design will be awarded with EUR 500 up to EUR 1,000! I am sure you're gonna love this. So go on and get started on your drawing board! :D Taxi Design contest will be running until 8 October 2012..