You are young at heart. You have passion for your life. You are adventurous and have no fear to try anything new and fun. You know that life can be so dull and boring if you don't dare to inject fun, excitement and surprises. A bit of a challenging spirit can make a difference and change our lives in big and small aspects.

KIA, as a world-leading automotive brand, always challenges itself to deliver innovation to its customers. KIA challenges its design by not only creating shapes, lines and surfaces but also sharing unexpected and pleasant experiences with its customers. It never stops challenging its technology: its world-renowned Theta engine is recognized and used by Mitsubishi and Chrysler.

Your role in this game? To show us how a vibrant challenging spirit makes our lives more fun, dynamic, and exciting.

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We have CRAZY prizes for this contest: the jury's loot is 60,000 EUR!!!!
AND we have a lot more prizes:

1st Prize: EUR 20,000
2nd Prize: EUR 15,000
3rd Prize: EUR 10,000
4th to 8th Prizes: 1,000€ up to 2,000€ each
9th to 13th Prizes: 500€ up to 1,000€ each

Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. This contest will end on 19 of September, you have until then to send us your amazing videos and animations :-D