Finally we put an end in the men supremacy in our list of Creator of the Month!!! Ladies and gentlemen, our featured creator of August 2012 is a girl! And she isn’t only beautiful, but very smart and so nice. Also, she was our first Brazilian creator to ever win a prize on eYeka, and she started off very well. She snatched the first prize of Create the next generation of Sunsilk’s combing creams (and it was her very first participation on eYeka)! So, please take a bow to our lady and meet this bright Brazilian designer, Karine Lima, by this interview we did with her. eYeka: What inspired you to participate in eYeka’s contests? Karine: I think eYeka’s co-creation proposition is very interesting and a unique opportunity to work with great brands. As a recently-graduated graphic designer that I am, it would be very difficult to me to have a contact with a big enterprise such as Unilever [The company that produce Sunsilk], for example. This relation that eYeka creates between creators and big brands is great and very motivating.   eYeka: Why have you decided to participate in this contest in particular? Karine: Because I am Sunsilk’s customer, so I knew for what kind of product I should be working on! I love Sunsilk products, so when I saw the brief, I didn’t hesitate to participate. Also because I suffer from allergic rhinitis and combing creams make me sneeze all the time, especially because I use a lot of it! When I saw in the brief that I could invent a new perfume, I thought that it was my opportunity! But I don’t know much about perfumes though, so I created a new packaging which is more related to my job.  eYeka: What was your reaction when you knew you won the 1st prize of Sunsilk contest? Karine: It was really funny! I was so happy that I started jumping in the design office where I work at. Everyone kept looking at me thinking that I went nuts! It’s true that professionally I receive more attention in my job. I also think that this will be very useful in the future because it is a great highlight in my resumé. But what I would really like to happen is to walk by the supermarket aisle and see my winning package displayed there!   eYeka: You are the first Brazilian to win our contest. What is the sensation of representing the Brazilian community in eYeka? Karine: I’m so proud of it! I believe a lot in Brazilian design’s efficiency. When I saw, in my case, that it was possible to win the first prize, I felt much more confident in my work and in my competence to develop good projects. eYeka: What are you plans for your future in both your professional career and eYeka? Karine: Well, it’s been a year and a half since I graduated in Graphic Design. When I participated in the Sunsilk contest, I was looking for a job and working as a freelance designer. Currently I’m working in a graphic design enterprise and I’m loving it! My work is grounded in research. Every time I receive a brief, the first step is the research, about the product, market, concurrence. I analyze all the information that I collected and, after that, I start to create. After testing the formats and colours, I get to ideal results and then I can make propositions to the client. I have a lot of plans for the future! After I won Sunsilk contest, I decided that I would like to do some kind of specialization in packaging. My dream is get a scholarship in Japan, because I’m a great fan of oriental culture. I always use references from Japanese design in my works. I’m already participating in another contest on eYeka and I hope I’ll be one of the winners again! LOL! And I’ll keep on participating in eYeka’s contests because this relation with big brands that eYeka offers is better than the prizes. Great experiences like that is priceless! Thank you so much, Karine, for this amazing interview. We hope that you can inspire our creators and bring more Brazilian talents to eYeka! And we will be thrilled to see more of your projects. Good luck for your future!!! :)