“Waku-doki” is the feeling you get when your heart pounds with anticipation. It is an intense adrenaline rush that brings sheer joy and excitement. Toyota is a brand that wants to constantly create “Waku-doki” for its consumers and deliver this spirit to the worldwide audience. Sports like athletics are full of “Waku-doki” moments. The strength and the power it showcases make both athletes and spectators feel the burst of excitement. Toyota is sponsoring the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships Moscow 2013 and wants to let people around the world know of the sponsorship and connects the “Waku-doki” spirit with athletics fans all over the world. Create a uniquely stylish, youthful and exciting event idea for Toyota where people could experience and share the “Waku-doki” spirit on-site and from anywhere in the world during the IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013. Format: Pictures, illustrations, sketches, storyboards, and any visual medium that will allow you to describe your idea.
We have EUR 8,500 for 4 best ideas: 1st Prize: EUR 2,000 up to EUR 4,000 2nd Prize: EUR 1,000 up to EUR 2,000 3rd Prize: EUR 750 up to EUR 1,500 4th Prize: EUR 500 up to EUR 1,000
Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. This contest will end on September 17, Looking forward to your awesome entries! :)