Humankind has witnessed rapid progress. Globalization and the widespread use of new technologies have brought about sweeping changes to the way we live and work today. One negative impact of this revolution is the inequalities and division between those who have access and those who don’t, between the rich and poor and between industrialized and developing countries.

We want you to create posters that show why access to knowledge for all is important.

You probably are educated, with university or professional training. You probably understand, speak and write English and even another foreign language. You probably have access to technology including the internet. Now, imagine that you didn’t have this access and knowledge. What would your life be like?

We are looking for original and quality ideas that tell a story about the importance of providing access to knowledge for all.

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The top 3 winners will receive certificates from UNESCO.
On top of that, a Jury Prize will be awarded to the best print proposed:

Jury's Prize  :  300 €

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This UNESCO contest will be running until 9 of September.
Good luck everyone !