Hello everyone! 

Some of you may remember the Lacoste contest we held last year where participants were asked to bring the iconic crocodile to life through video or animation. Nine creators (of course with their awesome works) were selected as the winners.

At time we could not show you the winning media, but now we could because...

Lacoste is going to feature the winning media on their Facebook page (They call it "Lacoste Crocodile Tales")! Isn't it great? Even though they were initially unpublished, they are going to be showcased to the public now. :D

So let's cut to the chase and let's watch these awesome videos together. They are being listed in the winning order:

1st Prize video by memo 

2nd Prize video by BuzzExit

3rd Prize video by fb2

4th Prize video by dvaggression

5th Prize video by kotek

6th Prize video by big_ben

7th Prize video by MaRoTo

8th Prize video by LimaGiraphe

9th Prize video by Usyaev

After you are done watching them, don't forget to check out Lacoste Facebook page as well for more awesome stuffs from them ;)