In life, you often learn valuable lessons in unconventional situations, especially when you are a child. Do you remember when you climbed up a tree to get the neighbor’s kite that is stuck in the branches? Do you remember how you learnt to create when you splash watercolors onto walls?. Or the time when you learnt to find your way and be strong when you got lost in a muddy park? The dirt and stains you get in these unconventional moments make for valuable and memorable lessons.

We know that some mums are not too pleased with their children playing with dirt and mud, but smart mums are eager to teach their child(ren_ these valuable lessons in unconventional situations, even though they involve dirt and stains, because they know they will have the most impact. They do not want their child(ren) to miss out on the chance to learn and grow just because of dirty clothes! So today's challenge for you is to tell us an unconventional and surprising story about how a resourceful mum creatively teaches her child(ren) an important lesson, through dirt and stains. Format: Video/animation (up to 60 seconds), picture, illustration, photograph.

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And for 6 best creations, we have EUR 15,000 to be given out just for you! Video Category: 1st Prize: EUR 6,000 2nd Prize: EUR 3,000 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000! Design Category: 1st Prize: EUR 3,000 2nd Prize: EUR 1,500 3rd Prize: EUR 500
Dirt os Good contest will be running until 13 September 2012. Remember, it's always better to submit your creation early so we can advise you of any changes if needed ;)