Dear creators,

With less than a week to go to the end of Silhouettes Packaging contest, I understand that this is a pretty short one and therefore, I would like to clarify a little bit more about 'Kindness' and 'Diversity' - the two main elements that your design should be based on:

Stretch your imagination and show us your creativity! What if kindness was an object? How would it look like (i.e.: soft, tender, delicate,...)? What colour would it be (i.e.: blue, white, yellow,...)?

What about diversity? What kind of object would it be (i.e.: strong, solid,...)? What colour would it be (i.e.: rainbow, polkadot,...)?

These points will help you to shape up your ideas and then you may apply it onto the packaging design.

Since the contest ends this Sunday, 5th August, we really encourage you to submit your entry as early as possible so we could advise you on any changes if needed. Otherwise, if we found out that your entry does not meet the brief after it ends, we will not be able to give you a chance to re-submit it. And don't forget, your entry has to be in English ;)

Should you have any question, we are just an email away at