Dear creators,

After three years working at eYeka, I would like to share a few words with you.

Working at eYeka has been an honnor and a wonderful experience, I have incredibly learned and discovered so much thanks to your creativity. Do you realize how many contests and media I have seen? All those amazing videos, smart designs and magic ideas from all over the world I got the chance to see?

I’m curious: have you ever thought about how my working days look like? A creative school playground! Seriously I truly spend all my time with you guys, just like schoolmates to whom I write, I answer, I give advice and listen to, and even sometimes have little arguments when someone try to cross the brief lines… Of course some of you noticed my little « teacher side », it is not so much surprising because I used to be a librarian after all!

Well I really want to thank you all because I feel lucky for what I lived during those 3 years: thanks a lot to the new and the old ones, the ones I met, the ones who used to ask for Flavie, the ones I sent thousands of emails, the ones who trusted me and the ones who stayed honest.

You guys guess the whole point of this: June was my last month at eYeka. I’m now going to look for new experiences and I’ll be leaving soon to visit Central America. You might be the ones who inspired me to live my dream, who knows?

This is the end my friends, and it also means a new beginning. I have to confess I will be missing you a bit, this is emotional good byes!

Take good care of you and may the creativity be with you.
One last thing: don’t ever forget to have fun.