Some weeks ago Remy Martin came to eYeka looking for a way to make the bottle stand out in the top bars or glamorous nightclubs. Remember?
You guys had plenty of nice ideas and really glorified the bottle. We had 36 accepted media for this contest, there were very original and elegant ideas, but the client finally choose his fab three.
Here they are! Well done, everyone!
You can see their comments in italics.

First Prize of EUR 3,000
goes to FlojoArt (Germany) with change the atmosphere
When I read the letter I was immediately on fire!! I always wanted to do something in that way! The basic idea I had for some time. But I had to adjust to Remy Martin still. I experimented with bottles and lights, and it came some cool results out of it. With the animation, I tried to give the same feeling. After long try around I was rather happy with the result.In this contest, I have invested much time and learned a lot. It is great and, a greater motivation if you have a goal, I'm even happier that it was enough for a price.It was not my last contest! Thank you eyeka!
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to VegaFX (Italy) with Pulse - The Heart of Cognac
I participated in this contestI because the brief was seductive, I create using 3d studio max and vray for 3d, after effects and premiere for video compositing. Lately I am being inspired by the German metaphysics of Christian Wolff. I work alone (I suppose because I have a bad temper), and i bumped into eYeka randomly, sometimes surfing the net leads to unexpected shores.
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to VisualCrow (Singapore) with Carpe Diem
I participated in this contest because the brief look interesting and I had free time :D.I usually create my work through 3d softwares and After Effect, I work in a team or alone depending on the difficulty of the task. My inspiration comes from anywhere basically.
Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much!

PS: We are sorry we cannot show you the winning entries for privacy reasons. Thanks for your understanding.