Hello eYeka Community! Thanks to your amazing support we have brought consumer creativity at the Cannes Lions Festival! The 2 workshops eYeka ran were extremely well received with many marketers, agencies and professional creatives getting a better understanding on how creative individuals contribute fresh and original ideas to solve the biggest marketing challenges.

Spot eYeka!

We showcased many examples of great work you produced, including the 3 most voted videos on our www.facebook.com/ROLcannes page. We also had the chance to talk to the organizers and we agreed to continue the discussion on opening up a new category to recognize creative individuals like YOU!

eYeka Workshop with our Insights & Innovation Solutions Director talking

Our Facebook page is now numbering over 12,000 likes. We have a few ideas on how to keep the flame burning but we would like to hear from you: What do YOU think we should do next with the ROL campaign and its Facebook page? We’d love to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)