After a very VERY very long wait for which we apologize with you guys, we are finally ready to share with you the winners of Coke Be The Change contest! We apologize for holding back the contest results due to a copyright issue on the winning entry of the animation category last week. The issue has now been resolved and there is no change on the selection of winners by the jury. There were so many entries that it was hard to choose for the client but here is the top 3: Please find some words from the winners in italics.
Prize for the best video: EUR 8,000
goes to GC-Studio (Italy) with "A guitar hero"
I was so inspired about the brief of this particular contest. I wanted to create something epic and emotional, with no words: something that could "hit" the heart of people and that could be shared and published everywhere by everyone. So I talked to Rovero Impiglia (co-director of the movie) and he was so happy to create together something good for this contest. Me and Rovero we are used to create commercials: sometimes we can be creative... sometimes we can't. This is the reason why we love to partecipate in these contests: we can be 100% creative with no limitations. I shoot my videos with Canon 5d mark II and prime lenses from Zeiss and Leica, if the light is good I never use any additional lights: I prefer to use natural light and move myself around to make the perfect shot. I think that the "hot" atmosphere of the inside and the "cold" atmosphere of the outside (in the first scenes) are the key of the Coca Cola commercial: it was the most important thing when me and Rovero we made the color grading of the movie.   what do you get inspiration from I was at dinner with my friend Rovero and we were thinking about the brief. Both of us we had many different ideas... funny.. dramatic... but finally we decided to go for the "emotional" one. The idea of an old great guitarist that now is a homeless was quite exciting.  Giancarlo Fagotti is a great guitarist in the real life and he was happy to partecipate in this movie when we talked to him. Originally we wanted to put also the sound of the guitar in the commercial but according with Rovero, we changed this idea because the music of Fabrizio Brugnera was so good and so emotional. We decided to cut away the sound of the guitar and keep the strings. I think you don't need to hear the guitar: everyone can admire in silence the passion and the soul of the old homeless guitarist. For this commercial we worked in a team with some good friends: Giancarlo Fagotti is a real great guitarist and a real showman. Do you know the world famous guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan? He is something like that... you should see Giancarlo with a guitar on a stage: great! Tania Capecci is the lady of the commercial: pretty nice interpretation. Ghisce is a MUA and she is from Argentina: she made a great work with Giancarlo. He reallly looks like a homeless. Fabrizio Brugnera is the musician that made the score: a great emotional song with a well played sweet piano and strong strings in the middle, the most important part... exactly what I needed. We want to thank also "The Rat Pack" , Domenico Di Quirico, Vittorio Poloni, Giovanni Pompei, Massimiliano Quondamatteo, Alessandro Troiani, Marco Bruni and Dario Ciavaroli. I think eYeka is a great site where everyone can take inspiration and create something great for the most important brands of the world. I always look at the contests available on eYeka because when I am free from other works, I really love to partecipate. Me and Rovero, we would like to thank the eYeka staff for the great work and especially the Community Managers... thanks again eYeka!   Giacomo Cagnetti and Rovero Impiglia
Prize for the best animation: EUR 8,000 goes to shu_wu (China) with Cola-Fly
I discovered eYeka in a Chinese animation forum, the contests posted there are interesting so I participated.  I have submitted quite a lot entries to eYeka and even I didn't win anything (most of the time) , I never felt disappointed as I really enjoy creating animation, everytime I feel that I am making progress step by step. I still can't believe I win in the Coke contest as I never expected this. I really thank eYeka and Coca Cola. Also, thanks Community Managers in eYeka, appreciate your help whenever I need assistance.  I will keep participating in eYeka contests! I also  encourage other participants to keep trying, one day you will succeed.
Prize for the best print: EUR 3,000 goes to mondaysatwork (Spain) with Coke_The change
I bumped into eYeka by chance, surfing the Internet. A great find! I participate in contests in general because I love advertising creativity. It is the opportunity to present a wide variety of ideas for brands and it is a very rewarding challenge. By participating in competitions I can bring creativity to be viewed by people from different countries and not only mine, Spain. Likewise, the various briefs, because they come from different brands, they often propose things that I find very interesting. I have participated in this contest specifically because Coca-Cola was a major motivation. When you like advertising you always dream that one day you will do something for Coca-Cola. It is a brand-icon for all lovers of advertising. This was the perfect opportunity to bring my creativity to the brand! The creation for me depends on my means but I use mainly design programs, video editing ... Sometimes illustrations, pictures... Basically, I think what I want to convey and then choose the means which help me to express my idea. Inspiration comes from many places for me. With the brief in mind, the ideas come anywhere. In this case, I had read the brief and had it in my head. After mulling over several days, one night while sleeping had I got the idea. The life of everyone is formed by the challenges and experiences that one lives. If you do not dare and live new experiences, even if it's scary, it's like not having lived. That's why with the word LIVE (live) I made up a story of someone who has dared to try something new. Sometimes I work alone and others in a team, we are a team of two. To discuss the ideas that occur to us always as a team by discussing with my co-worker turns to give us the best choice arises. For videos we also work as a team. As they say, two heads think better than one ... ;))
Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much!