Dear creators, Remember we told you earlier that “creators of the month” were going to be publish monthly? We love to feature your creativity! So here it goes on this July, an insight winner from China: zhangxiansheng! Born in 1990, zhangxiansheng just graduated as an architecture student this year, he has been participating in eYeka contest since early 2011 and won 3 First Prizes in eYeka insight contests: Chivas J&J, Remy Martin, Philips inspirational lighting. What's his winning secret? You can find out more in our short interview with him ;)

Hello! Would you like to tell us more about yourself? My name is Zhang Yiwei, I was a student in Tongji University in Shanghai, China, studying landscape architecture and just graduated last month. Would you like to tell us how did you get to eYeka? It has been more than one year since I joined eYeka. I think I was searching for design contest online, and then I found eYeka. eYeka is really different from the contest platforms in China: unlike some contests are fake here, eYeka is fair and has different kinds of contests launched by international brands, so I registered without hesitation. Your won the Frist Prize of Chivas contest, which is also the 1st prize you won in eYeka. How did you feel when you won your 1st prize with eYeka? I was really excited! I did join some contests before, but never win anything, so the Chivas prize from eYeka really encourages me to keep trying and never give up easily. Later you won the First Prize of Remy Martin and again, recently you won the First Prize of Philip lighting contest!  What do u think puts you above the other participants? I think I am lucky enough as I know there are great creators from other countries and their works are amazing! I guess my advantage is that I have some basic skills in drawing because of what I learnt from architecture, but what’s more important is that, I think creatively and I do a lot of research about the brands to understand what kind of entry they are looking for - you must know their needs and meet their marketing needs. We noticed that most of the contests you joined are insight contests, not design or animation contest, how do you decide which contest to join? Any story you would like to share with us? To be honest, I don’t know how to make animation and I never learnt making animation or video before, I tried to learn by myself but it was really hard, so I tend to make best use of my advantages and avoid the disadvantages. What I like eYeka most is that, eYeka has different kinds of contests, even you are not a professional, you can still participate with your ideas! It’s really encouraging. I started to join eYeka contest as a student without any animation or video skills, so I believe other students can do that too! Where do those good ideas that you have come from? Usually my inspirations come from my life. To create a good work, the best thing is the idea or the creativity, so to join eYeka contest, I will spend at least 3 days just to think of the ideas.  Maybe it will only take 1-2 day to create the work, but to start, I need at least 3 days for the best ideas. What’s your plan after graduation? Can you share with us? I passed my master entrance exam and will pursue my master degree months later. Thanks for eYeka, I have enough confidence to work as freelancer, I used to imaging having a good job, but now I think I can make it by myself. So I would like to have my own studio in the future. What are the things you like about eYeka, and what are the things you think could be improved in the future? I like the service in eYeka most. Each time, there are eYeka people there to help me with the problem I encountered, for example, I encountered 2-3 times upload errors, but they all got solved at last. I also like the contests launched in eYeka –interesting, inspiring and with attracted prizes. If I must say something need to be improved in the future: I hope eYeka can provide certificate for the winners, if impossible to provide a real one, maybe a PDF certificate will do, to prove that we won something in the contests by famous brands - it will be great recognition for the creators. Last question: If you could share a word with your fellow creators what would you say to them? What I impress most here is that there are so many great creators here from all over the world; at least half of them are better than me, their quality, their experience etc. It’s great that we can meet in eYeka and learn from each other, I think as long as you never give up and always be modest to learn, you will make progress here :) Thanks a lot zhangxiansheng for the interview! We wish you all the best for your future endeavour and we are always happy to see your creations here on eYeka! ;)