The winners of Guinness contest are hereeeeeee!! Wait, wait. hold your scream. Let's see who they are together ;)  BEST VIDEO CATEGORY:
First Prize of EUR 5,000 goes to ellivisionitalia (Italy) with Guinness 45 SECONDS 10,000
I heard about eYeka website through a friend and participated in this contest to built the reel and do work that has a chance to reach directly to major brands. Also, I am a huge fans of Guinness! My team and I create films, photography, and music. I get my inspiration from "Art" and "Success". Inspiration is all around us. It's all about being able to channel it into something new. I work with a very talented team of young, driven, and ambitious filmmakers. In order to take things to the next level, we must utilize the unique talents and skills of other people with the same goals. Win/Win is the best result.
Second Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to StayGold (UK) with Boris Bike Bandit
As a young film maker I find it difficult to answer briefs from big brands (Like Guinness) so I look for competitions like eYeka to give me the opportunity to work with these big briefs.  I just love making films, these competitons at least give me a chance at making some money back and getting some industry recognition. My idea hit me as soon as I read the brief, my video pretty much documents a real situation that myself and two friends had in London a few weeks before the contest. Throw around some ideas over a few beers with my buddies, cast, pick locations, shoot on a DSLR, edit on my laptop and boom. I got my inspiration from Bill Murray. There are three of us that generally work on all projects but many more jump in and help out on bigger projects.
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Vicfot(Spain) with Wildmind_Guinness
We were looking for any publicity competition on the web and so we found eYeka. We participate in contests in general because we are an amateur student group of publicity and we want to make some difference. We took part in this Guinness contest because we thought it was interesting, funny, and we wanted to try it to know if we were capable. Our creation process starts with some meetings to brainstorm for ideas. Then we'll identify the best one from all of them and work on it. To sum up, we mix all of the opinions of the components of the creative group so we can have a final ad. The rest is only recording... We take influences from other ads of the brand, and also, one of the most important inspiration was the real world situation nowadays. From this, our purpose was to unite people by a feeling. We work in a team. We are a Creative Laboratory with five components. 
First Prize of EUR 2,500 goes to Serafin (France) with 2_To_Guinness_Today
After reading the Brief, one and only one question comes to my mind… what friends in particular and people in general share at any time, in any situation, doing any activity, coming from any country? The answer is The Language. Considering the project Guinness, in order to be shared by the most, the concept is to adapt the brand name to the richness mutation’s languages! It can be done for every language because the brand name is generic! My choice comes to invent the verb To Guinness (Guinnesser in French and so on) because actions are expressing by using verbs. So in order to be heard and adopted by the most, i think that showing people in new and original situations can be a good axis but maybe not federating all Guinness’s fans, we all not enjoy same stuff, in fact, we can all use same word for expressing and sharing different activities!!! By making a saga of print design, making the verb To Guinness in different situations (simple but usual situations), the brand Guinness can have a strong impact by being present in people communication. The Art Direction respects the brand graphic territory (colours and font) and making words (language) the most important element. Images are just complementary to histories making the design as rich as simple to be memorable.
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to SuperCarranc (Spain) with Guinness Moustache
I'm very happy that Guinness trust in us to its campaign.I use to create in group with my fellows, we think is the best way to improve ideas. That's the philosophy, as Eyeka does, a community of creators.
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to markka(UK) with Some are made of more
I joined eYeka in 2010, I am a conceptual digital designer with a focus on innovation and creativity. When I get spare time, and if the project is exciting and seems fair with a good brief I love the opportunity to submit ideas to interesting clients. I've always loved Guinness advertising, from John Gilroy 's 1930's illustrations to the later Surfer commercial produced by BBH.
  Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much!