Stationery has kept changing the way we communicate and share information. With notebooks, we are able to record our feelings. With letters and pens, we can write to our loved ones, and it facilitates a two-way communication. With a piece of post-it, we can easily leave a message to someone, and it takes only a second.

In today’s digital era, how can stationery evolve to stay relevant and keep changing the way we communicate, with all the humanity and delicate tactile feelings which only stationery can give us?

Change the future of communication by creating a new piece of stationery that makes the way we communicate and share information more humane, interesting and effective!

Show us something new but still a stationery product that can be realistically manufactured. It should serve the purpose of improving our communication and making people happier and their lives more comfortable.

For this contest, we've 8,000 € for 5 winners!

1st Prize: EUR 3,000
2nd Prize: EUR 2,000
3rd Prize: EUR 1,000
4th Prize: EUR 1,000
5th Prize: EUR 1,000
Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion.
The contest will be running until June 25th, we look forward to seeing your entry :)