When we asked you to come up with new hair care brand ideas, we were stunned by the creativity you shown us! A lot of brand new ideas. Well done! We are happy to inform you that we have gotten the three winners!! Check it out: 

First Prize of EUR 4,000
goes to good4love (France) with Aceso_Soin Densite Capillaire
"The proposal delivered on the brief of creating a hair fall expert brand but caring and appealing for women. The delivery method created was gentle yet effective and credible. The idea developed is almost ready for commercialization."
The subject of this contest was not easy. But since I am a man who loses his hair, I felt concerned! There are many treatments against hair loss, and it took me a while to find a concept that seemed really innovative. But no matter because my creative process takes time. I have read and re-read the brief to impregnate me. Then I let the past few days and nights to work my subconscious. And the solution came by itself, like magic. The result consisted of the formalization of this powerful idea to make it clear and attractive. For this I have mixed 2D design with the 3D to make the concept as realistic as possible.
Second Prize of EUR 2,500 goes to nastasi (Russian Federation) with Growth
"Most feminine yet credible format."
For this competition, I wanted to create something entirely new. It is very difficult because there are so many hair growth care products in our world! We imagine women with long thick hair in our mind, and so the slogan was born, as well as a new package design tools.The main goal was to create a packaging design for easy application and make it attractive to women. I really liked that there was no boundaries for creativity.
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to adamedworthy (UK) with Jeune
"Most creative delivery format."
I really enjoyed tackling this project. The brief was wide, and it allowed a lot of creative freedom. I really like the briefs on Eyeka, they often offer a diverse array of projects for some of the world's biggest brands. I am very happy to have won third prize in this contest and I look forward to working on future projects.
Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! :D

p.s.: Apologize because we are unable to publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest (new product idea). Thank you for your understanding. :)